Asheville Women’s Retreat

Replenish, Restore, & Renew 

Women’s Retreat

Asheville, North Carolina Sunday, July 9, 2017

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

A retreat dedicated to cultivating your personal intuition and empowerment.

Learn how to follow your intention, inner guidance, heart, and intuition. 

Explore how your perceptions can open you to living harmoniously with the flow of possibilities.

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Enjoy a group Empowerment Coaching session with Annette.

Experience a group Sound Therapy healing session with Anne Elizabeth.

Practice mindful movement and mindfulness meditation with Linda.

Linda Cammarata, RN, RYT is the Founder and owner of Mindfulness Travels. She is a registered yoga instructor, Qigong instructor, and Registered Nurse who specializes in integrative medicine and sleep education. Linda has spent over 30 years studying, teaching, and presenting her unique programs at women’s conferences, health spas, yoga studios, and other venues internationally. Linda has extensively trained with several Qigong masters, has comprehensively studied Energy Medicine, and has a wide array of knowledge of women’s issues and sleep disorders.

Anne Elizabeth, Ph.D., Sound Therapist worked as a psychologist for 32 years prior to the emergence of a spiritual path. Inspired by her travels in Tibet, she began studying sound therapy, training in the US and abroad. As a sound therapist, she uses singing bowls, tuning forks, and gongs for healing purposes. Anne Elizabeth is a certified Polarity practitioner as well as a certified practitioner of Marconics. Anne Elizabeth has expanded her healing practice to include Qigong, crystal bowls, and stone medicine. Cultivating healing vibration and frequency through stones and sound are central to her work.

Annette Hunner, Empowerment Coach is an intuitive and metaphysical practitioner with over 40 years experience. Annette’s  unique, inclusive approach is empathic, captivating, and dynamically engaging. Her knowledge and tools will guide you onto a path of understanding your personal conditions. You will learn how to turn challenges into valuable life experiences. Her approach offers tools that are action-oriented, specific in nature, and supportive in manifesting your desires, dreams, and intentions. Annette provides a foundation for you to manifest contentment and joy.

To register, email: Linda Cammarata or call 828-712-8421.

Fee: $80. per person 

Location provided upon registration

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