Mindfulness Workshop Series



The Five Hindrances and The Four Virtues

a two-part series


Linda Cammarata, RN, RYT and Larry Cammarata, Ph.D.


Two Saturdays: November 3 and November 17, 2018

10:00 am-12:30 pm for each session

Participants may attend one or both of the workshops.

No prior experience with mindfulness, meditation, or mindful movement is necessary.


The Five Hindrances are mental processes that hinder your ability to concentrate, stay energized, think and see clearly, and remain motivated in meditation and in everyday life. These hindrances are: (1) desire/attachment/greed (2) aversion/anger/hatred; (2) sloth (physical sleepiness) and torpor (mental sluggishness); (4) restlessness/anxiety/worry; (5) doubt 

Workshop Session 1 will explore these five hindrances, offer antidotes to them, and build a bridge between classic buddhist teachings and modern psychology in a way that makes them practical, applicable to self-care and relationships, and supportive of mental and physical health.


The Four Virtues are boundless qualities that can be regarded as signs of an awakened life when they are present without depending upon external conditions. They can be cultivated through specific meditation practices and integrated into your relationship to self, others, and the world. These qualities are: (1) love; (2) compassion; (3) joy; (4) equanimity.

Workshop Session 2 will explore these four boundless qualities by facilitating practices to cultivate them, discussing the obstacles that can get in the way of your best intentions, and providing support for viewing your everyday life as a vehicle for developing these qualities. 

In addition to the specific content for each workshop, both workshops will include:

Mindfulness meditation guidance and practice

Gentle mindful movement practice in the form of qigong

Time for discussion 

Fee: The fee for the workshop series (both sessions) is $100; $60 per individual workshop.                                            

Registration: Email Linda Cammarata or call 828-712-8421. Space is limited to 12 participants. The Asheville location will be sent to you upon registration. To reserve your space, please plan to register early.

L & L Sicily

Linda Cammarata, RN, RYT & Larry Cammarata, Ph.D. are long-term practitioners and teachers of mindfulness and mindful movement. They lead classes, workshops, and retreats that are mindfulness-oriented. Linda and Larry are the founders of Mindfulness Travels, an Asheville-based organization that provides inspiring retreats in beautiful places throughout the world with leaders in the field of mindfulness and mindful movement.

Linda is a Registered Nurse and Registered Yoga Teacher who specializes in the healing benefits of yoga, qigong, and meditation as applied to self-regulation for stress, mood, and sleep management. Her classes are uplifting and supportive. 

Larry is a Licensed Psychologist practicing in Asheville, North Carolina who specializes in mindfulness-based therapy and education. He is a co-author of a book entitled, A Year of Living Mindfully: 52 Quotes & Weekly Mindfulness Practices. His work on mindful movement was presented at the 11th Annual International Scientific Conference of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine. He is an instructor of Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Qigong who has received advanced training in China and in the US. 

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