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with Larry Cammarata, Ph.D. & Linda Cammarata, RN, RYT  

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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Mind-BodyWellness.org, where you can access services and resources for health and wellness. Our offerings include psychotherapy, mindfulness education, integrative sleep health education, Tai Chi, Qigong, & Yoga instruction, and international retreats. Our services are centered in Asheville, North Carolina and available worldwide through our consulting, educational, and international retreat work. Please click the links above to explore the full range of our services.  

Please also visit our international retreat website at www.MindfulnessTravels.com

We welcome you to sign up to receive our free Mindfulness TravelsAsheville Events, and/or Tai Chi and Qigong class newsletters, which will keep you informed of our international retreat work, local workshops/events, and class offerings. Thank you.

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